Cloud Services

Cloud computing is an essential part of an IT strategy that enables organizations to accelerate their digital road map. As your Cloud partner, Neovisara is committed to providing leading solutions designed for your business that will draw maximum value from your enterprise Cloud computing initiative.

We not only deliver the best-in-class solutions for enterprises of all sizes, but our high-caliber subject matter experts walk clients through an effortless transition of moving IT services to the Cloud. Neovisara helps organizations to plan combination of Public, Pvt and Hybrid cloud based on their workloads and organization roadmap. We help customers build strong IT infrastructure, stay mobile, and leverage the full potential of emerging technologies. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients accelerate their digital journey.

With our advanced Cloud solutions, we can simplify complex systems. The technology will enable your enterprise to:

  • Manage multiple hypervisors 
  • Monitor and Manage various VMs
  • Manage Process automation and configuration across platforms and toolsets
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Single and unified platforms
  • Define user level access

Neovisara equips your enterprise with flexible, agile and responsive business operations. We focus on streamlining your business processes and broadening your enterprise’s operational capabilities. All your critical business functions can be designed adequately to drive real results.

Our Cloud solutions empower you with new capabilities and services that enable your enterprise to deliver end-to-end solutions to your customers at a lower investment.

With certified, knowledgeable teams and strategic partners, Neovisara has the necessary expertise and methodologies to deploy Cloud solutions across your enterprise.