Full Stack developer means that you have the ability to develop an application or a product end to end, i.e., from scratch to live deployment. This typically includes UI/UX development, Server programming, APIs, Database design and development.

Course Key Focus Areas

Core Java
JavaScript + AngularJS
Oracle SQL

Detailed Course Content

Core Java

  A First Look
  Java Basics
  Class and Object Basics
  Flow of Control – Branching and Iteration
  Strings and Arrays
  Composition and Inheritance
  Java Collections and Generics
  The Java Streams Model
  Working with Files
  Advanced Stream Techniques
  Java Serialization


  HTTP 1.1 Protocol, request response life cycle
  What is a J2EE application, its architecture and what is an Application Server?
  Introduction to Servlets, their specifications and diverse types of server-side frameworks
  JDBC and connecting a java application with database
  ORM Frameworks available and basics of Hibernate


  Overview of Spring Technology
  Spring Introduction
  Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI)
  Working with Bean Properties
  Spring Expression Language for Configuration
  Collection Valued Properties
  Additional Capabilities
  The Spring Container and API
  Annotation Driven Configuration
  Database Access with Spring
  Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  AspectJ Pointcuts, Autoproxies
  Introduction to Spring Web Integration and Spring MVC
  Overview of Spring Security


  Introduction to HTML
  Creating an HTML Document
  Paragraph Formatting with HTML
  Character Formatting with HTML
  Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting
  Adding Local and Remote Links
  Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag
  Linking and Embedding Graphics
  Creating Lists and Nested Lists
  Creating and Modifying Tables
  Creating Advanced Table Elements
  Setting Background and Text Colors
  Web Page Design Guidelines
  Links to Non-Web Internet Services
  New structures / tags
  Inline Elements
  Support for dynamic pages
  Form types
  Deprecated code


  Anatomy of a CSS ruleset
  Selecting multiple elements
  Different types of a selector
  Fonts and text
  Boxes, boxes, it’s all about boxes
  Changing the page color
  Sorting the body out
  Positioning and styling our main page title
  Centering the image
  Backgrounds and Borders
  Image values and replaced Content
  Text Effects
  2D/3D Transformations
  Multiple Column Layout
  User Interface


  Grid System
  Helper classes


  What is Javascript?
  What is DOM in Javascript and its manipulation
  Object Oriented Principles in Javascript
  Conditions, Operations and some basics of Javascript runtime
  Javascript Equality difference between == and ===, Closure, Hoisting in Javascript
  Javascript Event loop, Strict Mode, Runtime Architecture


  Ajax, JSON, XML, CORS and features introduced in ES6
  Angular framework introduction and architecture and Type Script
  Angular CLI and Dependency injections
  Angular Modules, components and bootstrapping an Angular application
  Angular Forms, Filters, Expressions, Data Binding
  Promises and Observables
  Routing and Navigation

Oracle SQL

  Introduction to Oracle Database
  Retrieve Data using the SQL SELECT Statement
  Restrict and Sort Data
  Usage of Single-Row Functions to Customize Output
  Invoke Conversion Functions and Conditional Expressions
  Aggregate Data Using the Group Functions
  Display Data from Multiple Tables Using Joins
  Use Sub-queries to Solve Queries
  The SET Operators
  Data Manipulation Statements
  Use of DDL Statements to Create and Manage Tables
  Schema Objects
  Management of Schema Objects
  Data Time Operations
  Retrieve Data Using Sub-queries
  Build in Function (Regular Expressions)